Pillars of Happiness

I feel like I have settled into myself recently, not completely of course but I generally feel good. When I chat to my oldest friend we sometimes go through the pillars of happiness to make sure we cover all the crucial life parts. So lets update here:

Work – My main job is pretty good, except for all the diet chat. 2nd job is fine, I’m much more confident these days which is nice. I fit better there now, it just took 6 months. I am working on an Opera at the end of the month, a whole 10 days where I get to work in the theatre, I can’t wait.

Health – I think I’m getting my housemates cold, I worry about my knees, I am much more active then I have been for maybe ever. I’m also thinking of joining a gym but just their classes section.

Family – Long distance love is tough but mostly working, Mum and I are really good. I really have to try and speak to the kids and My Aunties….

Friends – My new friends are now becoming proper friends, which is exciting. Mostly from my 2nd job. As far as home friends go, I have been chatting to some… it’s so hit and miss. Timing is hard.

Home – Love my housemates, hate when they fight. My anti conflict nature makes me a natural mediator, but I have a love/hate relationship with being caught in the middle. One of them basically asked me to move just with her, I don’t want that. We are a good balance the 3 of us, I don’t think I would want to live with just one person, even my bestest friend from home. I hopefully it was just in that moment and everything can just stay safe a solid for a little longer…

Relationships – I am seeing 2 guys. YR I have been seeing for 3 months now, It’s brilliant when he is here, as soon as he leaves I suddenly don’t know where we stand and keep considering that he doesn’t really like me… New guy is fresh and exciting, and seems to want to chat when he’s not here, which I love. He doesn’t make me feel needy or weird. I’m eager and nervous to see where that goes. I’m not ready to let go of YR yet however…

I hope you use the pillars of happiness when you’re catching up with people you care about, especially if you have limited time xx


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