Drunk Hearts speak Sober minds

I drunk messaged him.

He told me today that Drunk hearts speak Sober minds which is beautifully accurate.

We had a bit of the talk, about my insecurities and feeling on different pages. Well I said some of it, I am extremely hungover and felt like a raw piece of meat being tenderized, or another analogy that is gross and vulnerable.

“In my eyes we are two balloons tied together gently bobbing along on a summers breeze where will it go who cares let’s just enjoy the ride”

Maybe I should be happy that at least we are tied together, not just balloons who are just near each other.

He was nice to me today, and he seemed to care that I was distressed. But I still apologised for saying what I felt, something to work on there.

Maybe I should try to just be a happy bobbing balloon for a bit… It might even be better, If I’m honest with myself I need to focus on the dream. I need to put career and creating  first and boys second or even third. If I’m more honest, I’d like to share all that with someone…



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